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Lord Titles

Become a Lord, Laird or a Lady  by acquiring a plot of land in Scotland

Our Title Pack includes

*You obtain a personal right to a plot of land and the authorization to use our coat of arms, crest and trademarks, Laird, Lord and Lady of Pierpont-Archer

Over 50,000 people have become Lords, Lairds & Ladies of Scotland - enhancing their social status while helping to preserve nature reserves

How do you become a Lord?

In the United Kingdom, there have traditionally been three pathways to acquiring the status of Lord Laird or Lady.

The first is to marry someone who already holds the title and inherits the associated family privileges.

The second involves being appointed to the House of Lords, a privilege granted exclusively through nomination by the Prime Minister and subsequent confirmation from the Queen.

Finally, one can attain the title of “Lord of the Manor” through the purchase of the corresponding land or estate, although this option can be quite costly. 


The terms “lord” and “laird” have different meanings and historical contexts, primarily associated with different regions and systems of land ownership.

  1. Lord: The term “lord” is more commonly used in Scotland, England and other parts of the United Kingdom. In this context, a lord is a title of nobility that is typically inherited or granted by the monarch. Lords are often members of the House of Lords, the upper chamber of the UK Parliament. They can hold various titles, such as Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, or Baron. The title of lord is associated with social status and can come with certain privileges and responsibilities.

  2. Laird: The term “laird” is specifically associated with Scotland. A laird is the owner or proprietor of a specific piece of land or estate in Scotland. Historically, the title of laird was not a noble title, but rather a designation of land ownership and local influence. It is often used to refer to the head of a Scottish Highland clan or a landowner. The status of being a laird does not carry the same hereditary titles and privileges as the English nobility, but it signifies land ownership and a certain level of respect in the community.

In summary, while “lord” is a noble title associated with the British peerage system and the House of Lords, “laird” is a term used in Scotland to denote landownership and local influence, often within the context of Highland clans.

The Benefits of Becoming a Lord, Laird or Lady of Scotland

Use your nobility title and get VIP Treatment


Become part of the Elite few


Customize your offficial documents with your title

Preserve the natural reserve and the environment


Every Package includes



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Lord & Lady

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What our existing members say

TESTI 4 150
My parents loved their 40th wedding anniversary gift...maybe just a bit too much - they now keep insisting that we always refer to them as Lord and Lady when we get together!
Mary Scott
Manager IT
January 3, 2022
testi 3
I purchased title packs for myself and my wife and we chose to go by our Lord and Lady titles on our plane tickets, thinking nothing would come of it. Lo and behold - never have we received better treatment! The counter staff were extremely respectful, made sure to address us by ‘Lord’ and ‘Lady’ and were more helpful than I’ve ever known them to be; would highly recommend the experience.
Andre Mariet
November 4, 2021
testi 2
After 30 years together, I wanted to get something uncommon for my wife for Valentine’s Day. I splurged a little more to get the printed version of the certificate and my wife, who is incredibly difficult to buy a present for, loved the gift and now has the certificate framed up in his office.
August 28, 2020
So my wife just bought us a plot of land in Scotland without warning me ! It seems I Turn out to be a Lord now :O
March 26, 2022