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Foreigners & Citizens have the obligation to stay at home until April 13 except for a few reasons

How to deal with the quarantine and our visa requirements ? Many of us are wondering at this very moment. Here are the different scenarios

1)You are already in Colombia with a tourist Visa but you need to extand it

In this case no worries, the Colombian Government will allow you to stay as long as the situation gets back to normal without problem

2) You have a Visa but are outside Colombia

Unfortunately in that case you will have to wait that the Colombian governemnt re-open its boarders. In the meantime your Visa is being consumed

3) You want to apply for a Visa

No Visa application is being accepted at the moment in Colombia. The ministery does not receive face to face interviews either. Thus we advize you to prepare as soon as possible your application file for when the situation gets back to normal to be in the first to apply. A long waiting list is expected at the re_opening of the immigration office.