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Medellin, a city with a stable & sustainable growth plan

What is Medellin’s Plan for a stable Growth

Medellin is famous for being one of the most modern and well adjusted city in the urbanization aspect. A charming, welcoming place for foreigner and tourists in general, one of the only one in the country equiped with a « subway » network. A diverse urban ecology resulting of a slow and organig growth.

For about 6 years, the council of the city  approved a citywide manifesto specifying smart building practices, for urban renewal, with a leitmotiv : environmental sustainability.

Mayor Anibal Gaviria sanctioned signed this agreement with the hope to better the devlopment of the city, improve the poorly deserved neighborhoods groin up the mountains and provide more affordable housing for everyone.

Firstly it is necessary to regulate building permits and put a break on anarchic overdevelopment. The private interests have put losts of energy to cater the input of new investments in the touristics area, resulting in a poor architectural content & impacts of building.

The hope to bring Medellin forward as a exemple of smart urban planning & sustainable infrastructure is on the way to be acheived.