About the Reserve

The estate & its surroundings

Located in a privileged position near the renowned Hadrian’s Wall, which separates England and Scotland, the reserve provides a rich historical backdrop for your plot of land. Situated atop the hills of Upper Hindhope reserve, which have been witness to numerous significant battles throughout history, our community of title pack holders can delight in breathtaking views of the distinctive surrounding landscapes.

How can I visit my land

Members of the Pierpont Archer House are strongly encouraged to visit the reserve. If you notify us in advance, we will make every effort to personally welcome the Lords or Ladies associated with our coat of arms. However, it is not necessary to book a tour, as the land is accessible to our members at all times, in accordance with Scotland’s “freedom to roam” customs. These customs grant the right of way for recreational enjoyment over certain privately owned land, rivers, and lakes.