Lordship title

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  • Official Title of Lord, Lady of Scotland
  • Real Plot Of Land from the House of Pierpont-Archer*
  • Certificates Of Land Ownership formalized and delivered within 24h
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping

The purchase of a land is not subject to property tax in Scotland*

When you apply for a Lordship or Ladyship title, you or the person whom you are addressing the privilege will automatically be recognisable by the designated title joining our community list of nobles.

You will receive a personalised certificate of authenticity that you can use to obtain a privilege access to a number of services

Discover our COUPLE LORD & LADY PACKAGE ! Take advantage of a discount (99£ for two certificates) to become part of the nobility together !


What will I receive ?

• Official Title Of Lord, Lady
• Official Certificate Of Land Ownership In Scotland
• Master Deed Title To Legally Change Your Personal Documents (If You Choose To)
• Your Own Plot Of Land at Upper hindhope, near the famous Hadrian wall
• Heritage Map With Visitor Information of your plot of Land
• Exclusive Access To Our Lord, Lady Community
• All elegantly presented and carefully packed with FREE worldwide shipping!
• Join Scotland’s elite class and become a Lord or Lady today – treat yourself or your loved one to this truly unique gift they’ll never forget!

What is the excellence package ?

This package will allow you to receive a unique physical version of the title as well as a printed map of the estate,  prints of the title certificate & estate crest.

Can I visit the estate

Yes, you can visit whenever you want. The estate is a wonderful land located at Langshawburn near the legencary Hadrian’s wall built in A.D 122 . Visitations are much encouraged and welcome – there is no need to book a tour. The land is kept open to public access at all times under Scotland’s “freedom to roam” customs, which grant the public the right of way over certain privately owned land, rivers and lakes for recreational enjoyment. 

Can I use the crest ?

Absolutely, You may use the title as well as our coat of arms, as long as you intend no disrespectful action or behaviour while wearing it. These unique crests, were hand painted on our flags hundred of years ago and carry a heavy historical meaning for our family & members. They were created to reflect the past and present of the title & the estate.


Can I call myself Lord or Lady ?

You may, and you should use it with pride. The title and all the perks that comes with. The title pack is based on a historic English Lord of the Manor title that supports the legal right to use the honorific title Lord or Lady. 


Can I use it on my official documents ?

Yes, you can change your honorific title in most instances (this includes items such as stationery, tickets, reservations, membership cards, debit cards, credit cards, social media, employers, professional bodies etc).