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Why purchase a Lord title

Imagine, bossting your social status instantly, being treated as a VIP in restaurants, airline companies or during events ? What if you could enter a very closed cirlce of people like celebrity or royalty, wouldn’t you want it?

Enhance your personal Status

Airline Upgrades, Hotel upgrades to Preferential treatment at Restaurants and Shows, those are just a sample of examples that a Lord/Lady title will grant you.

Airlines Upgrades

Last summer I ought title packs for myself and my wife. Therefore from this day we chose to go by our Lord and Lady titles on our plane tickets, thinking nothing special would come of it. Wrong ! – We never have we received a better treatment! The counter staff were extremely respectful, made sure to address us by ‘Lord’ and ‘Lady’. I would highly recommend the experience.

Social Upgrade

I wanted something special for my boyfriend for Valentines day. Last year I offered him a set of golf clubs. This year I officialy made him a Lord. Now he just doesn’t stop bragging about it to his friends and insists to have his golf reservation following the title !

“Got a reservation at Le Fouquet !”

I was on a trip to Paris with my girlfriend and wanted to impress her, so I called the most fancy restaurant on Champs Elysee and tried to book a table for the same night. It was apparently full until I mentionned my Lord title, all of the sudden a table just happened to  be canceled and was ready to receive us at 9pm ! That was one of the best use of my new title.

Preserve the reserve

Your purchase will allow the sustainability of an already existing natural environment. For each souvenir plot 1£ will be invested in the plantation of a tree in the reserve, so your children and grand children will also have the luck to visit a charming land.

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